Aqua Dumbbells Review – A Water-Filled Alternative To Resistance Training

Product: Aqua dumbbells / Water-filled dumbbells

Price: From around £26 / $32 upwards

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

What you get: Between 4 and 8 dumbbell balls, 2 non-slip silicone handles, up to 4 extension rods, adjustable from 1 – 20 kg per handle, guaranteed not to leak

My rating: Between 7 and 8.5 out of 10 (see below for individual product ratings on my top three)

Aqua dumbbells, Product Overview

When it comes to working out, especially away from a commercial gym environment, dumbbells win hands down as being one of the most popular, effective and versatile pieces of equipment – not least for the fact they take up very little space and can be used anywhere for a total body workout.

Whether you’re looking to pack on muscle as a bodybuilder, increase power and strength as an athlete, or add them to your home gym to stay fit and tone your muscles as part of a fitness programme, dumbbells really are part of a perfect solution to help achieve your body goals – whatever your budget, location or time constraints.

A potential problem many fitness fanatics face when they travel is having to miss a workout. Whether it’s for business or vacation, you may not have access to a hotel gym, and it’s obviously impractical, and virtually impossible, to lug around up to 40 pounds of dumbbells in your travel bag. Until now….

Introducing the water-filled (yes you heard that right) dumbbell or aqua dumbbells. What are they, why might they offer a convenient solution to your travel fitness needs, and what options are there for you to take advantage of this novel new way of lifting weights? Introducing my aqua dumbbells review!

Water-filled dumbbells vs Conventional dumbbells: Let’s compare

Compact and easy to carry

For the frequent traveller or holiday-maker who doesn’t have easy access to a gym, water-filled dumbbells, or aqua dumbbells, are really easy to pack into you bag and take with you. The dumbbell weights, can be emptied and flattened and weigh next to nothing, and the handles are lightweight too – the whole kit taking up very little space and weighing in at around 2 pounds or 1kg total weight.

Durable yet lightweight

The water-filled dumbbell balls are made of a really light, but durable, ABS or PVC plastic which weighs next to nothing, with the accompanying handles and nuts also made of a lightweight plastic.

Adjustable and safe on your floors

The models I’ve included in this review can hold more than one water-filled dumbbell ball on each side of the handle, giving you even more scope to adjust the weight up or down to suit your particular exercise or workout routine. The soft ball weights are obviously kind to floors too, meaning dropping one on your wood, tile or laminate floor won’t cost you a pretty penny in repairs, or a trip to hospital if it should land on your feet either! They’re incredibly safe to use – even for kids.

The Pros and Cons

My Three Picks

The advantages of aqua dumbbells / water-filled dumbbells really do outweigh the classic dumbbells when it comes to portability and are therefore a much better solution for travel or if you’re worried about damage at home and/or have little space to store them away when not in use.

Here are my top three:

DEIRIS Travel Dumbbells Adjustable Water Fillable Set (Up to 20lbs/10kg per handle)

A pair of black water-filled dumbbells on a white background with a woman's and a man's torso superimposed behind them

What you get: 8 dumbbell balls, 8 securing nuts, 2 non-slip handles, 4 extension rods, non-leak guarantee

Price: £47 / $58

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com

My rating: 8.5 out of 10

These Deiris water-filled dumbbells come with two non-slip handles, four extension rods to enable you to adjust the weights by adding an additional two weights to each side, eight securing nuts and eight dumbbell balls.

Each dumbbell ball, when filled with water, weighs approximately 5 pounds or 2kg enabling you to adjust each handle from 10 to 20 pounds each (maximum 40 pounds for both) – which is enough to give you a decent resistance workout.

I particularly like that these come with extension rods – providing up to 18 inches of extra holding space if needed which I haven’t found to be offered by many other alternative makes – and offers a really flexible solution to loading up one of the handles with more weight if needed. You can add or remove these rods to suit – so if you’re performing exercises close to your sides you can avoid having the extra bit of bar sticking out.

Unlike other products made of similar material these don’t have that plastic smell, they’re soft and safe around surface, floors and kids, but they’re durable too.

Deiris also has a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their product.

The only downside with these for me is the initial fill time and I struggled to get them up to 5 pounds / 2kg first time round (see my tips further down to help with this). If in doubt, weigh them on some scales before you lift them.

I think the maximum weight advertised is a little off – advertised between 4 – 55 pounds they only weighed around 40 pounds when full, including the bar, so I’ve adjusted this in the description above.

Overall however, these are good value for money and come with a few more featured accessories than most other brands – so for me, worth the £47 / $58 investment for the convenience and portability offered.


Oileus Water-filled dumbbells (Between 12-24 pounds / 8 – 10kg per handle)

A pair of blue water-filled dumbbells with black handles on a white background

What you get: 8 dumbbell balls, 8 securing nuts, 2 non-slip handles, 4 extension rods, non-leak guarantee

Price: £30 / $37

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

Amazon.com (For US customers the ‘AQOTER’ is the equivalent)

My rating: 8 out of 10

This Oileus dumbbell set comes with the same features as the Deiris. Oileus claims that you can fill each ball with up to 7 pounds / 3 kg of water weight but I couldn’t get this much in and it’s actually closer to 6 pounds or 2.7kg per ball, so again I’ve adjusted this down in my description above.

Oileus offers a slightly longer handle than the majority of other models so you get more handle grip whilst working out. The dumbbell balls on these did feel a little more bulky than the Deiris model however and, again, you need patience when filling them up.

Again same downside as with the Deiris in terms of filling them up initially, but once full you can get in a good workout with a solid bit of resistance.

You get slightly less with the Oileus than you do with the Deiris, hence the cheaper price, but if you’re looking for a decent workout then this set will still offer you that.


Elikliv Water-Filled Dumbbells Travel Dumbbells (Up to 10kg per handle)

A pair of blue water-filled dumbbells with black handles



What you get: 4 dumbbell balls, 8 securing nuts, 2 handles, 4 extension rods

Price: £35 / $37

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

My rating: 7 out of 10

The Elikliv dumbbells are made from a PVC material and the dumbbell balls, when filled, weigh in at around 10 pounds or 5kg each. The handles are grooved and comfortable enough, but they don’t provide as much grip as the Deiris and I found that as my hands got a bit sweaty I lost some grip.

Again, filling them can be tricky (this is just a feature with all the water-filled dumbbells it seems) but my tips on filling them that I’ve included below should make it slightly easier.

You also get slightly less for your money with these – only four dumbbell bags compared to eight with the other makes, but still a decent product with enough weight variation on each handle to offer a decent workout.

Some quick tips on filling up your dumbbells

1. Fill each dumbbell bag from the tap/faucet slowly with a steady stream of water rather than turning it on full force. You’ll end up losing most of the water down the sink this way and it will take longer to fill.

2. Ensure the dumbbell ball is completely deflated before you try to fill and don’t stretch the opening too much as you’ll get air into the bag which will make filling it with water more difficult and time-consuming.

3. Try using a water nozzle that fits over the tap/faucet and spray a concentrated stream of water. You can find these in most hardware stores, or from Amazon.

4. For a quick demo, watch the video below:

Final Thoughts

If you’re after an alternative to traditional dumbbells, something that’s a space saver, lightweight and extremely easy to carry around when travelling then I would seriously recommend investing in water-filled or aqua dumbbells. They are a great solution for getting a workout in whilst travelling, or for protecting your floors and maximising space at home if you’ve not got a huge amount of storage.

My slight bugbear with these is the time it takes to fill them up with water. Because of the size of the holes it’ll take you a while – so filling between four and eight balls can be time-consuming. But once they’re full and you’re in workout mode you can get in a really decent workout in with these – and you don’t need to empty them until you move on to your next destination. It you’re at home, keep them filled and save yourself the time having to fill them all over again.

I hope you enjoyed this aqua dumbbells review and it’s given you some insight into how this decent piece of kit could really work for you. If you have any comments, or want to leave your own review, leave some feedback below.


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