Seven Best Weight Lifting Exercises For Fat Loss

Image of person lifting a barbell from off the floor

There are many benefits to strength training workouts – not just for increasing muscle size (if that’s your goal) and strength – but also for losing fat. In fact, incorporating strength training routines into your workouts can increase your metabolic… Continue Reading


Best Flexibility Exercises: Expand Your Body’s Range of Motion

A pair of silhouettes performing stretches

Stretching is an essential component of living a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine. It improves mobility, boosts metabolism, and assists muscles in returning to their original length. Flexibility exercises are important for improving athletic performance, but this does not imply… Continue Reading


The Benefits To Building Strong Glutes: Six Reasons To Train That Booty

Woman squatting

Your glutes are the largest and strongest group of muscles in your body. Consisting of the gluteus maximus, gluteus midius, and gluteus minimus, a well-developed posterior is a sort-after fitness goal for many nowadays. Your gluteal muscles, along with your… Continue Reading


The Best Lower Chest Exercises: Four Of The Best To Train That Chest


For a full-looking, defined and well-trained chest, it’s really important to focus as much on the lower chest as it is the upper section. Because of the limited variation of exercises and ranges of motion available, the lower chest is… Continue Reading


Good Mental Health And Wellbeing: Five Steps To Feeling More Positive

We talk a lot here at Dumbbell Fit about physical health and wellbeing, but perhaps not so much about mental health. Mental and physical health go hand-in-hand and can directly impact each other. We can reap the rewards of being… Continue Reading


Why Sleep Is Important For Your Health – And How To Get More Of It!

The close relationship between sleep and overall health is well-researched. A good night’s sleep allows both the body and brain to recover and ensures we feel alert and refreshed the following day. One-in-three people suffer from poor sleep for a… Continue Reading


Lifting Weights And Weight Loss: Does Resistance Trump Cardio?

A silver dumbbell and red pepper with measuring tape wrapped around it

When we think about losing weight, we typically steer ourselves towards cardio, in particular steady state cardio such as long-distance running or cycling. Whilst this has many health benefits, it’s not hugely effective at maximising fat loss. So could switching… Continue Reading