Best Shoulder Workout With Dumbbells: Hit Those Delts From Multiple Angles

If you’re trying to impress with a muscular physique then few things make a bigger impact than broad, well-developed shoulders. They not only give you a fuller, denser look, but will work wonders in producing that classic v-shape – adding definition to your overall physique and giving the appearance of a slimmer waist. In order … Read more

The Best Chest Workout With Dumbbells: The Thirty Minute Routine For A Bigger Chest

When you think of training your chest you may automatically picture yourself lifting a heavy barbell on the bench press, or doing a multitude of variations of the push-up. And whilst they are great for building size and strength, if you want to go to the next level in your chest training, you should look … Read more

The Benefits Of Dumbbell Deadlifts: Dare To Ditch That Barbell?

Dumbbell deadlifts are an excellent substitute for a barbell deadlift, especially when you are limited with the equipment available. The fitness industry has made you believe that you must include barbell deadlifts in your lower body workout routines when the truth is it’s not as much about what equipment you use as it is the … Read more

Dumbbell Exercises For The Biceps: The 30 Minute Workout For Growth

Our biceps are used for lots of pulling exercises – in fact they’re essential for almost all moves you might perform in the gym including pull-ups and rows, as well as sports such as wrestling and martial arts. They’re also key in providing stabilisation when you’re performing deadlifts and carries – whether that’s with a … Read more

Lower Body Dumbbell Workout: Build Awesome Legs In 30 Minutes A Week

For many gym goers and weight lifters, ‘leg day’ represents one of the least favourite workouts of the week. It’s probably the toughest and most punishing session – certainly if you go into it with the same dedication and commitment as any upper body workout. Although the temptation to skip leg day can be real … Read more

Upper Body Workout With Dumbbells: Get In A Great Workout From Almost Anywhere

Whether you work out at home with limited kit, spend your time travelling for work and relying on under-equipped hotel gyms, or you just want to try something new, there are still ways you can get in a highly effective, strength and muscle building workout. You just need some dumbbells. Although you may think a … Read more

Full Body Dumbbell Workout At Home

A woman using a pair of blue dumbbells to work out at home

The dumbbell, as I’ve mentioned before, is probably one of the most versatile and underrated pieces of gym equipment. If you’re kitting out a home gym, where space is most likely limited, then a pair of dumbbells, together with a weight bench, is the ideal minimalist setup if you’re on a tight budget and limited … Read more

Aqua Dumbbells Review – A Water-Filled Alternative To Resistance Training

Product: Aqua dumbbells / Water-filled dumbbells Price: From around £26 / $32 upwards Cheapest place to buy: Amazon What you get: Between 4 and 8 dumbbell balls, 2 non-slip silicone handles, up to 4 extension rods, adjustable from 1 – 20 kg per handle, guaranteed not to leak My rating: Between 7 and 8.5 out … Read more

The Best Dumbbells To Buy

A good pair of dumbbells should be top of your list Many of us would love a well-equipped home gym with cardio machines, weight racks, benches and a plethora of dumbbells. For the majority however, a lack of space makes fulfilling this dream more of a fantasy than a realistic solution to an expensive gym … Read more

How To Lose Belly Fat With Dumbbells

Working out with dumbbells is one of the most effective ways to help shift body fat. You can’t specifically target the fat around the belly but if you get the basics right then you will lose it from all areas of your body including your belly, lower back, hips and butt! Before we get on … Read more