Top 10 Types Of Push-Up To Transform Your Upper Body

Yes, the gym has all sorts of complicated equipment that can help you on your fitness journey, but there is one exercise that needs absolutely none and which can truly help you transform your upper body – the push-up. Push-ups are versatile and completely free. You can do them anytime, anywhere, and all you need … Read more

Bodyweight Exercises For Beginners: The Simple Way To Build And Tone

When you think about keeping fit, building muscle and toning up, you tend to think of lifting weights or pounding the treadmill at the gym. While this is one of the most popular ways of increasing strength and achieving your body goals, did you know that bodyweight exercises can be just as effective? There are … Read more

The Best Kettlebells To Buy: Eight Picks To Help You Decide

When it comes to using kettlebells in your exercise routines you’d be hard-pressed to find any piece of equipment that’s more efficient. With their clever design lending itself nicely to all kinds of functional movements such as presses, jerks and swings to name a few, kettlebells are able to provide a very powerful and effective … Read more

The Benefits Of Medicine Ball Training

Woman in gym gear working out with a yellow medicine ball on the floor

If you’ve ever been slightly baffled by medicine balls and what they do, you wouldn’t be alone! I think many of us at some point have seen them lying on the floor at the gym and wondered what exactly their purpose is – what do they do, how do they work, what on earth would … Read more

Bodyweight vs Free Weights – Which Is More Effective For Building Strength?

A guy in a baseball cap performing a press up on a running track

When it comes to strength training and building muscle, the body responds to any tension or resistance placed upon it, so where that tension comes from is, arguably, irrelevant (have a look at my recent article on resistance bands vs free weights for an example of what I mean here!) However, when you look at … Read more

Resistance Bands vs Free Weights – Which Is Better For Strength-Based Training?

You’d be forgiven for believing that gaining muscle can only be achieved by throwing heavy weights around in the gym. The reality is there are many ways for you to build muscle, tone, firm and increase your overall fitness and stamina without moving heavy lumps of metal – and one of them comes in rubber … Read more

Are Kettlebells Better Than Dumbbells?

When it comes to basic weights, there are two types: the good old dumbbells and the (relatively) new kid in town, the kettlebells. Both have their merits, but the argument remains – which is better when it comes to getting results? Are kettlebells better than dumbbells? If you were after a lengthy debate where I … Read more

Dumbbells vs Barbells – Which Is Better For Muscle Growth And Strength?

Photo of woman using dumbbells

In the world of free-weights, there has often been debate over which classic and well-used weight training tool is best, leading to an unofficial showdown between dumbbells vs barbells. For centuries, people have been trying to decide the winner by analysing every possible feature. Which one is more functional? Which one should you use to … Read more


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