Top 10 Types Of Push-Up To Transform Your Upper Body

Yes, the gym has all sorts of complicated equipment that can help you on your fitness journey, but there is one exercise that needs absolutely none and which can truly help you transform your upper body – the push-up. Push-ups are versatile and completely free. You can do them anytime, anywhere, and all you need … Read more

Full Body Medicine Ball Workout: 20 Minutes To Condition And Tone

I’ve spoken before about how effective medicine balls are in helping to develop core strength, improve balance and provide tone and conditioning to the body. They are a great way to really mix up your exercise regime, give amazing results for a whole range of muscle groups and provide you with a versatile and portable … Read more

Best Shoulder Workout With Dumbbells: Hit Those Delts From Multiple Angles

If you’re trying to impress with a muscular physique then few things make a bigger impact than broad, well-developed shoulders. They not only give you a fuller, denser look, but will work wonders in producing that classic v-shape – adding definition to your overall physique and giving the appearance of a slimmer waist. In order … Read more

Bodyweight Exercises For Beginners: The Simple Way To Build And Tone

When you think about keeping fit, building muscle and toning up, you tend to think of lifting weights or pounding the treadmill at the gym. While this is one of the most popular ways of increasing strength and achieving your body goals, did you know that bodyweight exercises can be just as effective? There are … Read more

Lower Body Kettlebell Workout: A Fun Way To Develop Strength And Power

When trying to build strength and power, the mighty kettlebell can be just as effective as any other free weight (dumbbells and barbells included) plus you get added versatility meaning you can switch up your movements, hit muscles from a different angle and inject some fun into your workouts at the same time. Having a … Read more

The Best Chest Workout With Dumbbells: The Thirty Minute Routine For A Bigger Chest

When you think of training your chest you may automatically picture yourself lifting a heavy barbell on the bench press, or doing a multitude of variations of the push-up. And whilst they are great for building size and strength, if you want to go to the next level in your chest training, you should look … Read more

Upper Body Workout With Kettlebells: Build Impressive Strength With These Five Moves

When it comes to building your upper body, dumbbells, barbells and weight machines aren’t the only pieces of equipment that can build strength and endurance. Kettlebells are ideally shaped for dynamic movements, allowing you to grab hold of the handle and twist and swing it around freely and with ease without needing to re-adjust. You … Read more

Dumbbell Back Exercises: Five Moves To Develop Power And Strength

There are many benefits to building a strong and powerful back. Not only do you help protect your shoulders and spine from injury, improve posture and prevent neck pain, but the classic v-tapered look can work wonders in improving your body’s overall aesthetic. Although you may think you need a well-equipped gym to stand any … Read more

Lower Body Workout With Resistance Bands: An impact-free way to stronger legs and glutes

Recently I posted an article on a killer upper body resistance band workout and so it only seems right that I follow it up with one for the lower body! I’ve probably said enough by now about what a fan I am of resistance bands and the benefits of resistance band training so I won’t … Read more

Upper Body Workout With Resistance Bands: Six Moves To Build Muscle And Strength

If you’ve read my article on Resistance Bands vs Free Weights, you’ll already know I’m a fan of these stretchy elastic bands and the potential they have to help transform your strength and fitness. Apart from the minimal space they take up and the ease in which you can set them up and be ready … Read more


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