Garage Fit Resistance Bands Review

Product: Garage Fit resistance bands The full range of Garage Fit pull-up bands

Price: Between $13.99 (£10.70) – $64.99 (£49.75)

Best place to buy: Garage Fit website / some availability on Amazon

Guarantee: All come with a 100% no-hassle, money back guarantee

My rating: Between 8.5 and 9.5 out of 10 (see individual reviews below on all three product types)


Garage Fit Resistance Bands, Product Overview

Resistance bands really are the modern-day alternative to free weights. Simple, versatile and incredibly portable, these long lengths of elastic not only enable you to get in a challenging strength workout – enough to rival even the heaviest sets of dumbbells or barbells you can find at a gym – but offer a multitude of others uses including circulation boosting and muscle warming, bodyweight training assistance, functional training, yoga and physical therapy – to name just a few!

There are many different makes on the market today and actually the difference between them is generally negligible as they all produce the same results. But when we’re looking to spend our hard-earned money we want something durable that will last – nowadays it’s the quality and longevity of the product we’re buying that sways our minds on one make over the other. So what sets Garage Fit resistance bands apart from others? In this review I’m going to look at the products they offer, the quality of the bands and the price to help you make your own mind up about whether to give them a try.


Who Is Garage Fit?

The Garage Fit logoGarage Fit is an online fitness store based in Nevada, USA. They supply a vast range of fitness and exercise products to the industry from agility disk cones, ladders and rings, to battle ropes, jump ropes, free weights, training vests and more. They also have an amazing blog section on their website, and a YouTube channel that shows you how to make the best out of their equipment including how to put together and tailor your own workouts.

They’re also a seller on Amazon and so throughout this review I’ve included Amazon links to their products, where applicable, as well as to the Garage Fit website, not just for customers outside of North America, but also because sometimes you’ll find the same product listed slightly cheaper on one site depending on the deals they have on at the time.


When It Comes To Resistance Bands, What Do They Offer?

Examples of how you can use resistance bands in your workoutsGarage Fit offers a range of resistance bands to cater for individual needs – whether that’s for muscle stimulation and blood flow prior to a heavy workout session, a selection of different resistance level bands to complement your bodyweight exercises, or assistance bands to make your free weight exercises even more challenging.

Specifically they offer three types of resistance bands – floss bands, pull-up bands, and resistance loop bands, individually or as part of a bundle for those who are serious about incorporating regular resistance band training into their exercise regime.

Garage Fit pride themselves on offering high quality, claiming their resistance bands are distinguishable from the rest because:

  • They’re made using a soluble protein-free natural latex which makes them extra stretchy for greater durability and compression and less likelihood of ripping or tearing;
  • They’re extra length and width (7 feet x 2 inch width) provides greater coverage;
  • They all come in different thicknesses from 1mm to 1.5mm to provide the right amount of compression you need, depending on your workout and what you’re using them for;
  • They all come with a no-hassle, 100% money back guarantee.

Having used all three types they offer, I’m going to lay out exactly what they do, how they can assist in your training and give them my own personal rating out of ten.

So let’s look at each of them and find out more.


Garage Fit Floss Bands

A blue Garage Fit floss band on white backgroundFloss bands are used for mobility training to improve range of motion, reduce joint pain and swelling, promote quicker recovery after workouts and effective injury management. They can be used all over the body including shoulders, ankles, wrists, elbows, knees, thighs and hamstrings, calves, ankles and feet and are typically used pre-workout to prepare your body for more intense exercise.

Garage Fit say their floss bands are designed to boost circulation and warm-up muscles better than others due to their extra-stretchiness – meaning you get an increased flow of blood whenever you remove them creating extra mobility that will improve form and therefore your workout.

Following an ankle injury, I used some Garage Fit floss bands as part of a pre-workout warm-up on a leg day. There’s something of quality about these bands that to me just make them feel a little superior to others I’ve tried before. You just get the feeling they’re not going to snap or tear through continued use and the sheeny latex feels comfortable against your skin – always a plus if you have fairly hairy legs (rubber against body hair is not a nice sensation as we all know!).

After wrapping a blue floss band around my foot and ankle, I felt a really nice, tight, but still comfortable compression and I was impressed with how well it stayed in place whilst I performed some flex and rotation exercises and toe raises prior to my workout. It came off with just as much ease and, compared to some I’ve used before that never quite seemed to return back to their pre-stretch form, it looked like it hadn’t been used as I rolled it back up.

Mobility wise, all bands offer the same or very similar results, but with this band I felt a slightly better release of tension from around my ankle area that I hadn’t experienced with a previous make. This gave me even more confidence going into a fairly intense leg workout including deadlifts and barbell squats which I managed to complete with ease and with very little pain or discomfort – so a big tick from me!

I purchased the Gray and Blue floss bands – which are both the same width but the gray is a little longer. This gives you more option if you need slightly more length for wrapping them around longer limbs such as arms and legs. They also come in a free, handy carry case, as with all their resistance band bundles, so you can easily chuck them in your gym bag and keep them together, and store them away after use. You can also purchase them as single bands if you don’t require different lengths.

My verdict

Pros: Blue and grey Garage Fit floss band partly unravelled on a white background

  • High quality and durable
  • Feel great on your skin and don’t unravel
  • Easy to remove and store
  • Returned to their pre-stretch position


  • Not necessarily the cheapest you will find, but for a couple of dollars difference, you get something of quality that won’t rip or tear after a few uses.

My rating: 9.5 out of 10

<< Go to the Garage Fit website to check out their range of floss bands >>


Garage Fit Pull-Up bands

Red, black purple and green Garage Fit pull-up bands on a white backgroundPull-up bands are great for a number of reasons. They can assist you in developing your strength in weighted pull-ups, helping you in full extension at the bottom of the movement where we tend to be a little weaker – great at helping you gradually increase your strength and stamina; and they can be used to simulate pull-up exercises as part of a bodyweight workout – so if you don’t have a pull-up bar at home, or access to one at a gym, these will offer you a good, challenging alternative (although please note that in my opinion pull-ups using a bar are better for increasing your upper body strength than bands alone).

Garage Fit pitch their pull-up bands at cross trainers, saying their flexibility enables you to work out every muscle group and achieve even better results. They claim they’re highly durable, unbreakable, and safer than free weights. Like all their resistance bands, they’re also made from an eco-friendly construction.

The Garage Fit pull-up bands come in eleven different packages depending on the size and resistance level you’re after and whether you just want one band, or a bundle – perfect for those who want a range of different resistance or if you’re unsure that one band will offer enough resistance for everything you want to use it for.

I purchased the large pull-up band (green) to assist in weighted pull-ups at the gym a couple of months ago and it’s holding up well. This offers resistance between 120 – 175 Ilbs (54 – 80 Kg), however, for me this was the wrong purchase as I was a little over-enthusiastic and chose this size for fear of the band ripping and falling apart based on my previous experience of other bands.

Pull-ups are generally the toughest part of my workout and I wanted some assistance to help adjust as I increased the weight, but I found this band assisted a little too much, meaning it was difficult to stay in good form as I tried to extend my legs and stretch the band downwards. This was entirely my error and so I’ve recently purchased the medium (purple) band offering a resistance of 100-120 Ilbs (45 – 54kgs) which is much better. This proves it’s worth doing your research and, if in doubt, either buy a bundle – which then means you have a range to use on different muscle groups offering a better range of options for your workouts, or try get the resistance level down from where you think you are initially. You can always double it up to create more resistance, or combine it with another band.

Garage Fit offer a general guide on their website (see below) so do use this as a starter but note that strength and endurance levels vary between individuals. A general guide for measuring the right level of resistance per lbs of bodyweight

My verdict:


  • Highly durable and great quality. No signs of rips or tears and they feel like they will last
  • Easy to carry with you in your gym bag and store away after use


  • (More of an error of judgment than anything to do with the band itself). What you think may suit you in terms of resistance could be too much or too little depending on how used to using these you are. If you’re new to resistance band training then get a resistance level down from what you think might be the right tension, or buy more than one if budget allows.
  • If you’re outside the US the delivery charge is high, especially on Amazon.

My rating: 9 out of 10

<< Go to the Garage Fit website to check out their range of pull-up resistance bands >>

<< To check out Garage Fit on Amazon, click here >>


Garage Fit Resistance Loop Bands

Green, blue, red and black Garage Fit resistance loop bans together with travel caseResistance loop bands really are a proper alternative to free weights – and safer too. They’re entirely functional and versatile pieces of equipment that can make your exercises harder or easier for upper or lower body, from cardio to strength-based workouts and for all fitness levels. Some of the highest levels of resistance are used by pro-bodybuilders to help supplement their free weight workouts to maximise muscles and strength gains, whilst athletes use them to improve power and explosiveness in their sport.

Garage Fit say their resistance loop bands are impressively durable and the perfect way to complement your workouts. They offer a practical and effective way for anyone to stay in shape and increase strength through endurance and strength training suited to your needs and can be used for upper and lower body workouts including squats and lifts, and even as physical therapy to help recover from injury.

These loop bands are, again, made from the same high-quality, durable material as the floss and pull-up bands and come in a range of resistance levels denoted by their colour, and they’re thick and heavy, two inches in width which means they are easy to stretch without snapping.

I particularly like using these bands to supplement my bicep curls, lunges and squats and I’ve never been worried about them tearing or snapping whilst in use. Whether you use them to help warm up your muscles prior to a strength based workout, or as part of your workout itself – whether that’s with free weights or as part of a bodyweight routine – the different levels of resistance they offer mean you can continue to challenge your muscles time and again in lots of different ways. I’ve found this particularly useful when my progress begins to plateau and I need to mix things up a little bit.

Adding one of these bands to increase the resistance on a dumbbell curl, or to pre-fatigue prior to a set, or completely fatigue after a final set, really helps to fire up the muscle group I’m working and push it further. For me, this is where quality and durability really count. I’ve had my loop bands for six months now, having purchased the multi-loop set, and they still look and perform as they did when they were new.

The orange resistance loop bands bundleThe only downside for me with Garage Fit’s resistance bands is that you can’t buy them as singles – even if you buy just one level of resistance they only sell them in bundles of 10. I’m not sure what the logic of this is – surely it can’t be just in case one breaks then you have another nine spares handy, as their durability and longevity is what helps set them apart from other brands.

My recommendation, if you’re serious about investing in a resistance band, is to purchase the multi loop band set which contains five levels of resistance from extra light (green) all the way through to extra heavy (orange). As I mentioned above, it’s often better to buy more than one especially when you’re unsure about whether the resistance will be too light or too heavy for you, so with the bundle you have a range of options from easy to challenging.

My verdict:


  • Once again, highly durable, great quality and they still look like new six months on. I’ve never been concerned they will tear or snap whilst using them.
  • Multiple uses – you can use them for physical therapy, or to supplement your workouts, or add variety and extra challenge to your bodyweight exercises. Use them to warm up, cool down by improving recovery, or complement any yoga or Pilates routine.
  • They’re sold as a bundle giving you a range of resistance levels so guaranteed to suit your fitness level and offering enough progression to see you through to serious bodybuilder (if that’s your goal). I’ve also added this as a con though – see below.


  • The fact that Garage Fit only sell these in bundles, and not singles like their other resistance bands, is a tad confusing and a bit annoying if you’re only after one band – especially if you know what resistance you need. One way around this, apart from looking at another company, is to perhaps purchase a pull-up band – which they do sell individually – and will offer pretty much the same flexibility in terms of your workouts.

My rating: 8.5 out of 10 (but purely because you have to purchase them as a bundle)

<< Go to the Garage Fit website to check out their range of resistance loop bands >>

Resistance loop, pull-up or floss band?

Whatever type of resistance band you go for you’re going to be providing your body with new and exciting ways to workout, keeping your sessions challenging and creating some pretty impressive definition in the process.

Whether it’s for strength training, warm-up, recovery, injury rehab or to supplement your yoga or Pilates, Garage Fit resistance bands offer you quality, comfort and reassurance that they won’t break, snap or tear when you’re half-way through smashing your PB on your weighted chin-up, or squeezing out an extra bicep curl under increased resistance.

As a user, I would say the quality of Garage Fit’s bands are almost second to none – that I’ve ever used before anyway – and although they may not be the cheapest brand on the market, you are paying for quality and for something that will last, which in my view is worth the few extra dollars or pounds.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and got some use out of it. If you’re still on the fence drop me a line and let me know. Perhaps Garage Fit’s bands aren’t for you and you’ve found a better alternative – in which case I’d be really interested to know and perhaps I can do a review on those too. Either way, comment below and I’ll be really happy to help you out.

Just so you know…
As an affiliate, I may earn a small commission from any qualifying purchases made through the links on this page.



  1. I love working out with resistance bands. They are very affordable, takes a little space in my apartment and most of all they are very effective. But find the right quality bands are also important. Thanks for you review on Garage Fit bands. I would say that the price is about right, not the cheapest but I am willing to pay more for a better quality. Will try them out. 

    • It’s always better to go with quality – which in the long run will pay for itself as you won’t have to keep forking out more money for replacements. I agree with you, resistance bands are very versatile and take up little to no room so they’re the perfect solution for those with minimal space to work out at home but who still want all the benefits of a good strength workout without the bulky weights. Let me know how you get on with them! 

  2. I really love these bands. And for one reason in particular, they allow me to exercise ANYWHERE, and take them ANYWHERE. I travel a lot for my work and I spend a lot of time in hotels.

    And beyond that hotels (some) generally have some fitness equipment, I like not having to depend on this much more.

    I am a fan of the workout where you use your own body weight. I like the more “normal” range of motion much better. But sometimes the weight of the body is not enough (who can work the biceps with only the weight of the hand?!: D)

    And that’s where I use these bands. I have gotten very creative in using them!

    I recommend them and I always tell my friends to go through this type of training.

    I see that these types of bands are of excellent quality. A question: Do you know if they bring any kind of accessory for the grip? That is always something I am looking for and have not found.

    I’m going to take a look at the other products!

    Thank you very much for the contribution

    • It’s great that you have found a way to incorporate resistance band training into your schedule. I would have to disagree with you on not being able to work muscle groups including the biceps in the same way as free weights however. It’s the resistance/force exerted on your muscle that causes muscle hypertrophy (breaks down the muscle so it can then rebuild bigger and stronger) not the type of resistance you use. So as long as you use a band with enough resistance, you can expect to see great results just the same as if you were lifting free weights.  

      You can get resistance tubes, which come with handles and do the same thing as bands, but Garage Fit do offer bundles that include handles that you can attach to the bands. I can’t find them on the Garage Fit website, but they do sell them on their Amazon Store – check the link to have a look!

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