Nutrigo Lab Strength Review: The Ultimate Pre-Workout?

Product: Nutrigo Lab StrengthA-tub-of-Nutrigo-Lab-Strength-pre-workout-supplement-next-to-a-ready-mixed-solution-in-a-clear-plastic-shaker

Price: £49.00 / $64.00 (USD) for a one-month supply

(Price per bottle decreases for bulk purchases)

Shipping: Fast worldwide delivery

Best Place to buy: The Nutrigo Lab Strength website

Guarantee: 90-day refund policy

My rating: 9 out of 10

Nutrigo Lab Strength Product Overview

Pre-workout supplements are designed to give you the energy and focus you need to hit the gym hard, especially if you tend to work out at the beginning or end of the day when energy levels can be low and feelings of fatigue may set in. Nutrigo Lab Strength certainly fits this description, and some.

Aimed primarily at bodybuilders and athletes, but available to anyone who trains for strength and muscle growth, this food supplement is available in powder form and mixes easily with water to become a pre-workout drink designed to improve strength and endurance during a workout. It’s been specially designed by nutritionists to promote laser focus in the gym allowing you to work out harder and for longer, thus pushing you through your perceived limits to help produce significant results.

Manufactured by KeyPlayer Ltd, Nutrigo Lab Strength claims to increase performance and metabolism without the ‘crash’ after effects associated with many caffeine-based products. In this review I’ll be looking at the claims in more detail, trying to find some user testimonials and adding in my own experience of using the product, to offer a balanced and fair review of this supplement and whether it’s worth your time and investment.

A Brief Look At The Benefits Of Taking Nutrigo Lab Strength

  • Increased metabolism helping you to burn more calories and increase fat burn
  • Improved performance during a workout leading to laser focus, increased strength and muscle endurance
  • Reduction in tiredness and fatigue post workout with no caffeine crash

A Brief Insight Into KeyPlayer Ltd

This supplement is made by KeyPlayer Ltd who are an established company with extensive experience in health and beauty products and now one of the leading manufacturers of personal care products. Headquartered in Dubai they distribute worldwide including North America, Europe and Asia.

I’ve purchased another supplement product – Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – from KeyPlayer Ltd before so I’d already done my research and was happy with the reputation of the company and the quality of their products. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, I’m unable to find any incriminating information or complaints about them. More information on KeyPlayer Ltd can be found here.


How Does It Work, And What Are The Ingredients?The-reverse-side-of-a-tub-of-Nutrigo-Lab-Strength-pre-workout-supplement-showing-a-list-of-ingredients

Lab Strength contains 18 active complex ingredients termed ‘Strong Vascular Boosters’ which increase muscle pump and accelerates your readiness to perform intense exercise.

Specifically, in terms of the most potent active ingredients, each 450g serving includes:

4000mg of Creatine

Creatine is one of the most well-researched and proven supplements which helps increase performance during exercise by rapidly producing energy. The body produces its own creatine after you eat protein which your muscles then convert into ‘creatine phosphate’ and then into adenosine triphosphate which it then uses for explosive exercise. The body typically cannot produce creatine in sufficient amounts for it to have any beneficial effect in terms of performance, so the supplement form is often taken to produce the increased strength and endurance you look for when working out.

250mg of RedNite

RedNite is a fresh beetroot powder that has been clinically proven to improve ‘muscle-firing’ rates, increase neuromuscular efficiency, decrease tiredness and boost endurance and stamina. It’s also well-regarded as a way to help widen blood vessels, thus improving circulation and helping to maintain healthy blood pressure. The inclusion of RedNite helps to deliver enhanced nitrate content for optimal health and to increase energy naturally.

300mg of EnXtra

EnXtra is a natural solution that helps to enhance mental performance, alertness and focus as an alternative to caffeine. It’s made primarily from Alpinia galangal – a spice used in Asian cuisine. EnXtra targets the ANF system (Attention Network Function) which is the brain’s ability to allocate processing functions to specific tasks and keep mentally alert. It is considered unique among caffeine-free energy supplements due to its same-day effect which can last up to five hours. Note this product also contains anhydrous caffeine.

3000mg of Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is produced naturally in the body in small amounts and can also be found in foods such as watermelon. High levels of citrulline has been shown to produce benefits on overall health and performance during exercise as well as an increase in GH – the body’s growth hormone which helps to build muscle. It’s also known for it’s beneficial effects in increasing blood flow and improving circulation.

Other ingredients include L-Arginine, Beta Alanine, Bitter Orange Extract, Cocoa Seed Extract, Cayenne pepper, Vitamin B6 and Pantothenic Acid. There is nothing synthetic or unnatural included in the ingredients, with everything very clearly laid out on the reverse side of the tub.


How To Take Nutrigo Lab Strength

Taking the supplement is really easy and instructions on how to mix it and consume it are clearly laid out on the tub. A two-scoop (15g) serving mixed with milk or water in a glass or protein shaker is all that’s needed.

Due to the increased energy boost and alertness the product gives you it is strongly advised that you do not take it alongside any other caffeine-based products or prior to going to sleep. Due to the RedNite and caffeine mix included in the supplement I found taking this prior to an evening workout still had me feeling quite buzzy later in the evening just prior to going to bed, so I’d recommend trying to take this and then working out a good five hours prior to bedtime to avoid any negative effects on your sleep quality!

This is also a good opportunity to mention about the taste. The actual flavour isn’t mentioned on the bottle, which I find strange, but you can expect a ‘fruit flavour’ according to the packaging. I have to say it tasted like a mixture of orange, melon and grapefruit – not at all bad tasting, especially for a food supplement which don’t always hit the mark for me in terms of flavour. No synthetic taste here.

Nutrigo Lab Strength has been tested to ensure it is safe but, as with any supplement, it’s always worth making sure you’re not allergic to any of the key ingredients, and check with a health professional if you are at all unsure, pregnant, breast feeding, or suffer from any underlying health conditions that may be exacerbated by any of the contents.


User Reviews And My Experience

This is a new supplement to the market and perhaps a potential downside is that it’s only available via the Nutrigo Lab Strength website which makes searching for individual testimonials almost impossible. There’s a limited number of user feedback on the Nutrigo web page but as these don’t even have a name against them I’m wary of their legitimacy.

My experience

A-tub-of-Nutrigo-Lab-Strength-pre-workoutI went for the basic package. Whilst this meant the cost per tub was higher, and the postage therefore expensive, I didn’t want to buy multiple tubs of something that I might find out didn’t work, had an adverse effect on me, or that tasted awful.

As I’ve mentioned above, it’s easy to mix through clear instructions on the packaging and actually tastes quite pleasant and fruity. Some pre-workouts I’ve tried take a while to kick in (30 minutes or more) and I’ve sometimes been left wondering whether I’ve even taken anything due to the limited effect they’ve had on my energy and focus. Not the case with Nutrigo Lab Strength! Within 15 minutes I experience increased energy and by the time I begin my workout I feel an intense energy and motivation I’ve rarely experienced before – all from a 15g serving. After my first time taking the product I went on to complete an hour and a half leg session absolutely crushing a deadlift PB. Over the three months I’ve been using this product I’ve actually gone from 187Ilbs to 231 Ilbs on my deadlifts and my chest press has increased from 149Ilbs up to 187Ilbs.

I’ve manged to achieve this by also taking Nutrigo Lab Regeneration which is a post-workout supplement that helps recovery and post-workout soreness. I’m convinced that by consuming them both – one to give me the focus and energy I need and the other to help me recover and prepare for my next workout – that I’ve found an amazingly effective solution to help me power through even the toughest of workouts and on days when I would otherwise be lacking in motivation and energy. You can read my review of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration here if you’re interested in finding out more.

As I’ve mentioned in other supplement reviews I’ve done, the effects will inevitably vary from person to person and there is never any guarantee that what works for one will work just as well for someone else. It’s a shame I can’t compare my experience to others’ to try and get a broader picture of how effective this is for other users but if this testimonial is enough then go for it and try it out!

Packages, Shipping And Return Policy

Nutrigo Lab Strength is sold as follows:

Basic package – One month supply (1 tub at £49 / $64 USD)

Standard package – Three-month (buy two tubs get a third free) at £98 / $128 USD

Best value package – Six-month supply (buy three tubs get three free) at £147 / $192 USD

Worldwide shipping is extra at £8 / $10 USD

All packages can be purchased directly from the Nutrigo website

My negative about the shipping is the cost which is £8 / $10 regardless of the amount of tubs you buy (a slightly underhand way of trying to get you to purchase the bigger packages perhaps?) Shipping was quick however and within 48 hours.


<< Find More Information on Nutrigo Lab Strength Here >>

Pros And Cons

  • Noticeable increase in endurance, energy and alertness, helping me to push past previous plateaus and achieve some PBs, notably on my deadlift and chest press
  • Proven and safe mix of ingredients in one quality product that gets to work within 15 minutes
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 90-day refund policy

  • Only one flavour available
  • Limited customer reviews and feedback
  • Product cost is expensive per tub but reduces if purchasing larger packages
  • Shipping costs expensive if only purchasing one tub

My Final Verdict

Hopefully this review has provided you with a bit more insight into Nutrigo Lab Strength and you have enough information to make an informed choice as to whether it’s something you’d consider trying. Based on my own experience and the research I’ve done it’s a product I would recommend. Yes it’s expensive compared to similar pre-workouts but I do believe in getting what you pay for and KeyPlayers Ltd do offer a 90-day refund if you’re unhappy with the order. You can also offset the price by ordering the two larger packages which also makes the cost of postage that much more palatable as well.

I wouldn’t recommend anything that I thought was sub-standard or unsafe and with Nutrigo Lab Strength you get a quality product with lab-approved ingredients that actually works. As I say with any supplement, it’s there to ‘supplement’ your hard work, not replace it. Don’t buy anything expecting fantastic results with no hard work on your part. Train regularly, eat well, and rest-up between workouts, and Nutrigo Lab Strength will help boost your results.

You may also be interested in the other products in the Nutri Lab range including supplements for mass building, and for fat burning, as well as the Strength and Regeneration builders I’ve spoken about here. The link above provides a more convenient way of purchasing more than one product in the range and you still get the bulk buy discounts

Are you planning on giving it a go? If you do let me know how you get on and share your results and experiences – good or not so good – in the comments below to help others make up their mind.

Are you a fan of pre-workout supplements generally and have they made a difference to the results you experience in the gym? Do you swear by them or do you think they’re a waste of money? Let me know by commenting underneath, I’d love to hear from you!



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