Slendertone Connect Abs Toning Belt Review

Product: Slendertone Connect Abs toning beltThe Slendertone Connect Abs packagingThe Slendertone Connect Abs device

Price: $199.99 / £148.26

Best place to buy: Amazon

Guarantee: 60 Days ‘Results or Return’ guarantee

My rating: 9 out of 10


The Slendertone Connect Abs Toning Belt, Product Overview

A man wearing the Slendertone Connect Abs toning beltHailed as Slendertone’s ‘most powerful and app-controlled abs toning belt’ and packed with advanced features, the Slendertone Connect Abs toning belt is one of the most advanced toning belts on the market, despite it having been around since about 2016.

Made up of a small control unit attached to a waist belt, with three pads on the reverse side which you attach to your abdominal muscles with conductive gel pads, Slendertone say that the belt is clinically proven to increase abdominal strength in just four weeks, help to reduce your waistline and make you feel more positive about your shape in just 20 minutes a day, five times a week. It exercises all four of the abdominal muscles including the transversus and rectus abdominis and the internal, and external obliques.

The device is app-driven with your workout controlled by an Apple iOS device such as an iPhone, iPad (4th generation and newer) or iPod Touch running iOS 8.0 or newer. The Slendertone Connect app allows you to set toning goals, plan workouts, and track progress.

Now I’m not a big believer in electrical muscle stimulation as a training tool generally. If it really were that easy to get a six-pack wouldn’t everyone be walking around with one? But, after having some relative success many years ago with a comparatively archaic version of a toning belt, I was intrigued to find out how far the technology has come since, and something about the Slendertone Connect Abs toning belt piqued my interest. So I decided to give it a try, which is what led me to write this review.

A Quick Look At Toning Belts In General. Do They Even Work?

Toning belts seem to have been around for decades in various different guises. From the relatively simple, and quite messy battery pack leads and contact pads you used to have to cover in gel and place strategically on your body, to the highly tech advanced wrap around belts with OLED screens you get today, the toning belt has come a long way over the years.

And so has the less than honest advertising which has unsurprisingly led the toning belt to be held up to much scrutiny and debate with false promises of ‘sculpted six-pack abs’ with no exercise. Fortunately, the Federal Trade Commission in the US and Competition and Markets Authority in the UK put stop to all that and dishonest marketers were slapped with big fines and thankfully disappeared.

One particular company that has weathered the storm however is Slendertone. Now a trusted brand within the industry, its careful research, innovative forward thinking approach and comprehensive product range has made people sit up and take notice.

Now I’m not a big believer in electrical muscle stimulation as a training tool generally – after all, if it really were that easy to get a six-pack wouldn’t everyone be walking around with one? But they do work if used properly and as part of a good nutrition fitness program to supplement your results. I’ve written more about this in my article on toning belts here.

After having some relative success many years ago with an electronic muscle stimulation device – which looked more like an instrument of torture than anything else – I was intrigued to find out how far the technology has come since.

When looking at the vast array of toning belts on the market today, something about the Slendertone Connect Abs piqued my interest. A trusted brand with clinically proven results backed up by science and good customer reviews – it must do what it says it does right? So I decided to give it a try.

An Overview Of The Slendertone Connect Abs Toning Belt Key Features

  • Price at time of writing: $199.99 / £148.26
  • 100 intensity levels
  • Five toning programmes
  • Light and discreet
  • Rechargeable

An image showing the Slendertone Connect Abs' main features

You can watch a quick video overview of the Slendertone Connect Abs toning belt here:


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Design And App Features

The Slendertone Connect Abs toning belt has been designed to motivate you and personalises your experience via the app connection feature which helps to put you in control. The box itself contains the following accessories: The Slendertone Connect Abs training accessories

  • Slendertone Connect abs toning belt
  • Connect abs controller
  • One set of three adhesive gel pads
  • USB charging cable
  • A carry pouch


The toning belt is lightweight and comfortable to wear and the abs controller fits comfortably and easily into place. Before using the belt there are a couple of steps you need to go through – downloading and setting up the app on your smart device and connecting the abs controller via Bluetooth connection to it.

The App

An example screen of the Slendertone Connect Abs appI have an Apple Device and I found downloading the app and setting it up for the first time seemed painless enough. After signing up as a new user it’s just a case of selecting your gender, entering your date of birth and your activity level and what your motivation for using the belt is, which ranges from a countdown to a big occasion, wanting to look and feel better and wanting to improve your sports performance. For women, there’s even an option for getting back into shape after pregnancy. If you choose improving your sports performance, like I did, you’re then presented with further options with where you’d like to focus such as complementing your exercise routine, or strengthening your core which is the option I chose. I decided on this option so I could keep track on my strength performance and get ongoing measurements as to whether my abs were becoming stronger as a result of using the device.

Once paired with the app, you get to select the intensity of your session via a control slider which helps you to select how powerful the electrical muscle stimulation will be. You can also do this via the abs controller on the belt but as there are 100 levels of intensity it’s easier to keep track on the screen. It’s also a simple process to then pair the abs controller with the app and once you’re done you shouldn’t then need to have to worry about connecting it again in the future, unless you change your smart device.

The connection between the app and the belt is generally really good and I’ve only had to reconnect once between sessions with my iPhone 8. I know some Android users have experienced more difficulty however with the app never automatically connecting and having to go into their Bluetooth menu to find and select it each time.

I really like the interface and the personalised training programme the app sets for you once you’ve selected your options which takes the guesswork out of how to use the device to get the best results.

The Slendertone Belt

The Slendertone Connect Abs contact padsSetting up the slendertone connect abs toning belt was just as straight-forward and adding the contact pads not at all messy, although slightly fiddly as you need to be careful to place them in exactly the right place, particularly with the two side pads.

A couple of things I’ve noticed after using the device for a few months now:

  1. You need to be very specific when placing the pads on the belt. If the pads are fractionally too low then they can come into contact with your hip bone and cause a tingling sensation down your legs when switched on.
  2. Any inaccurate placement of the pads, no matter how slight, can be slightly painful around your obliques when the intensity is set high.

However, with a little readjustment both of these issues can be corrected – although it took me two or three attempts to find the placement initially.

After use you reattach the protective plastic film to the pads to keep them clean and in good condition until next use. Again this can be fiddly but it does ensure the longevity of the pads which last between 20-30 uses. I managed a full thirty uses out of the pads that came with the box – so they do last really well if looked after.

A quick nod to the battery life too – I’ve only had to charge the built-in rechargeable battery four times since I started using it and this is based on the recommended 30-minute session five times a week, so I’ve been really impressed with this aspect. It’s simple to charge to, merely requiring you to pop the control unit out of the belt and plug into the USB cable.

Using The Slendertone Connect: The Results

A really positive feature of the Slendertone Abs Connect is the 100 levels of intensity which means you have a lot of scope for linear progression which leads to greater results over time. Slendertone are very good with the vast array of intensity levels on almost all their products when compared to models that contain more pads and cover a greater surface area of your abs such as the Abs Fit Six Pad and the Flexstone Abs Stimulator.

I started out with an intensity level of just 40 three months ago – which felt more than intense enough at the time. I’ve gradually been able to up the intensity over the past 12 weeks as my ab muscles have become stronger and am now up to 75, with room for much more progression.

Although the point of wearing an ab toning belt is to be able to get on with other things during the session, I do find the training sessions themselves can be fairly intense. I’d therefore advise steering clear of doing anything that requires concentration or coordination and recommend you stick to wearing it whilst watching the TV or perhaps going for a walk.

I definitely feel firmer around my abdominal area and although I didn’t have a great deal of fat sitting around my abs, I’ve noticed more definition – particularly around my obliques. I’ve also noticed some difference in my core strength which is most noticeable in my deadlift which, up until I started using the Slendertone had plateaued at around 120kg. In the last three months of use I’ve been able to increase this to 150kg and still climbing – so I’m really happy!

What I would say here is that this progression has only been noticeable because I remain active, working out three times a week at the gym and trying to get in one or two moderate cardio sessions too, as well as a calorie-tracked diet. If you’re looking at a toning belt as an all-encompassing solution to melt away fat, tone and firm without putting in any extra effort then you’ll be disappointed!


  • A very good range of intensity levels allowing for lots of progression over time
  • Easy to set-up
  • Simple and convenient to use
  • A personalised and user-friendly app to tailor your workouts and maintain your motivation
  • Good rechargeable battery life
  • Comfortable and discreet fit
  • A noticeable difference in the look and firmness of my abdominal area and in my overall core strength
  • A results or return money back guarantee giving you enough time to be sure it works for you and your lifestyle


  • Positioning the pads can be fairly fiddly and painful if they’re only fractionally out of position (easy to adjust and fix though)
  • Some issues with connecting to Android devices
  • Price quite high in relation to comparable products, but the quality and results should make up for this

Should You Buy The Slendertone Connect Abs Toning Belt?

A man and woman wearing the Slendertone Connect Abs toning beltIf you’re looking for firmer, tighter and more defined abs and increased core strength then any kind of electric muscle stimulation will help you to achieve this. But it won’t happen without extra work on your part as you will never be able to visibly see your abs if they’re covered in a layer of fat. In order to shift this fat you’re going to need to put some work in over and above wearing a toning belt – that can’t be stressed enough.

But, if you’re prepared to put the work in and incorporate a toning belt as part of a wider fitness and nutrition regime then you will see results. Where I’d recommend the Slendertone Connect Abs above other devices is laid out above although for me, the range of intensity levels, accompanying app and good battery life elevate it above many other similar toning belts.

You’ve also got the solid reputation of Slendertone to fall back on and a ‘60 days guarantee with a ‘Results or Return’ money back policy if the product is used as described but you’re not happy with the results.

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I hope this review has been useful. Have you used the Slendertone Connect Abs toning belt, or another model? What was your experience? Feel free to comment below and help other users to make up their minds.


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  1. Hi there,

    Great review on the Slendertone,

    It’s a very nice product it’s just that the price is a bit high.

    My younger sister actually bought one but I don’t actually know where she bought it from. So when I came across your review I decided to read and know more about the products. Per my observation, I think my sister is loving it because she’s seeing some changes. She also doesn’t have a problem with connecting it to the App all the time since she is using iPhone.

    • Thanks for your comment Albright, especially on how your sister is getting on with using it as it’s always interesting to hear other people’s experiences and feedback. The price is quite costly, but it really depends on what you’re looking for – you can get simpler, cheaper models that do pretty much the same thing but without the digital display and app connectivity, so if you’re serious about getting one do your research and buy one that’s right for you and within your budget. Let me know how you get on!

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your detailed review of this toning belt.

    As you mentioned in your article, we are also not big believers when it come to electrical muscle stimulation, but after reading your review perhaps we will look more into it.

    We like the design, it looks very neat, and easy to install, and if we look further it says that it has 100 different intensity levels.  Can it be adjusted to target different muscles?

    All the best

    Kalle & Marie

    • Hi Kalle and Marie, thanks for your feedback. This particular toning belt is really only suitable for toning and firming the waist, but you can get EMS machines which will target other muscle groups so it’s worth doing your research. I know for instance that Slendertone also offer full body toning bundles as well as ones that will target your glutes. Let me know if you do decide to invest in one and how you get on! 

  3. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article, I know it will be a great help to the public as it has been to me. I really like Slendertone although it’s not the best but it works and I have been using it for some time and must say it has really been good.

    • Thanks for your feedback! Have you tried other toning belts, if so which ones and which have you found to be the best for you and your goals? I’d be really interested to know – all feedback welcome! 

  4. I have been searching for a website such as this for a long time that will discuss such a sensitive topic in most homes. I have been doing the hard version of the exercise, trying to ensure that my body becomes fit. But this website has exposed my eye to other technologies that can help me achieve my body workout goals.

    • I’m glad this has been a useful article for you Lucas. There really is no substitute for ab exercises to develop strength and definition but the toning belt does offer some extra advantages if used in tandem with a sensible diet and exercise plan. Do let me know if you decide to purchase one, whatever make, and let me know how you get on with it!

  5. Hey there! This is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this information will be of great help to anyone who comes across it, as it has to me. Excellent product –  I upgraded my old slendertone belt from around 11 years ago and this is definitely an improvement. I do Pilates regularly and as such this helps to add an additional toning to my routine.


    • Thanks for your feedback Joy, it’s always interesting to hear other people’s feedback on products. Which belt did you used to have before upgrading? 

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