How To Create A Home Gym On A Budget (And For Less Than You Might Think)

Due to the ongoing pandemic, training at a commercial gym has been made almost impossible as a result of many having to close due to lockdown restrictions. People are therefore being forced to find alternative ways to exercise at home and, as such, home gyms are popping up everywhere. With so much uncertainty still surrounding … Read more

The Best Equipment For A Home Gym: Ten Buys To Boost Your Workouts

If you’ve taken the decision to create your own home gym, then good on you! There are so many benefits to working out at home when compared to public gym spaces, and there is literally nothing you can’t buy instore or online to help you kit it out in a way that would rival any big … Read more

The Benefits Of A Home Gym

A home gym set up including dumbbells, weight bench and blue medicine ball on a hardwood floor

Have you ever considered ditching that expensive gym membership and setting up your own gym at home? Owning a home gym comes with some real and significant benefits, especially if your time is precious and squeezing in a workout down at your local gym is becoming more and more difficult to fit in with your … Read more