Best Shoulder Workout With Dumbbells: Hit Those Delts From Multiple Angles

If you’re trying to impress with a muscular physique then few things make a bigger impact than broad, well-developed shoulders. They not only give you a fuller, denser look, but will work wonders in producing that classic v-shape – adding definition to your overall physique and giving the appearance of a slimmer waist. In order … Read more

The Best Ab Workout With Dumbbells: Eight Moves To Build A Six Pack

Obtaining a set of lean, sculpted six-pack abs takes more than doing a hundred or so ab crunches each day. Getting a ripped core takes a good, clean diet, increased exercise and adjusting your calorie intake so you burn away fat to reveal what’s underneath. But with ab training, there’s much we can do to … Read more

Upper Body Workout With Dumbbells: Get In A Great Workout From Almost Anywhere

Whether you work out at home with limited kit, spend your time travelling for work and relying on under-equipped hotel gyms, or you just want to try something new, there are still ways you can get in a highly effective, strength and muscle building workout. You just need some dumbbells. Although you may think a … Read more


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