The Best Push-Up Bars: My Top Five Reviewed

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My rating: Between 8 to 9.5 out of 10 (see individual ratings)

Push-Up Bars, An Overview

The push-up is probably the most popular and well-renowned strength exercises and one of the key ways to improve upper body strength. It’s versatility and super-effectiveness means it engages several muscle groups from the chest to the triceps to the deltoids and even the abdominals. A strong upper body means greater results in the gym on exercises like pull-ups and chin-ups, overhead presses and greater gains on the bench. With various tweaks to the same movement you can practically work the entire upper body in one go!

Adding in a push-up bar to the equation brings even more advantages to adding this powerful compound movement into your workout routine, almost doubling the benefits and helping you to extract even greater gains. Read on to find out what these extra advantages are, how you can integrate them into your exercise program, and my five recommendations for, what I think are, the best push-up bars you can buy right now.


What Are Push-Up Bars And How Will They Benefit My Workout?

Push-up bars, also known as push-up stands or handles, are just that. Generally made of either metal or polypropylene – a tough, durable plastic – you can use them to help extract greater gains from the classic push-up by expanding the range of motion and, in turn, the depth of the movement. They also increase the versatility of the standard push-up, bringing about a range of other ways to engage even more muscle groups.

Better range of motion and time under tension

When you exercise with push-up bars you increase the distance between yourself and the floor meaning you can lower yourself further, moving your chest below your hands to increase abduction of your shoulders, increasing range of motion and, in turn, helping to recruit more of your pectoral muscles. This also allows for greater time under tension as it takes longer to complete the rep than a standard floor push-up. The result, over time, is greater strength and definition and greater PBs on other exercises such as pull-ups and chest presses.

Kinder to the wrists

Another benefit is that push-up bars decrease the pressure on your wrists which can affect your form and ultimately the number of push-ups you’re able to do, especially if you’re new to strength training and have fairly weak wrist muscles. By forcing better alignment, push-up bars ensure your arms stay in a neutral position and minimise any pressure that can lead to pain.

Brings more variety to the standard push-up

As I’ve mentioned, push-up bars bring extra versatility to your routine meaning you can get in a really thorough upper body workout from just one piece of equipment by making a few modifications to the basic push-up movement, as well as using them as a ‘mini paralette’ to work the abdominal muscles. These include:

  • Wide-grip and closed-grip push-ups to target the chest and front deltoids
  • Diamond push-ups to target the triceps, chest and deltoids
  • Tricep dips
  • Elevated Handstand push-ups
  • L-Sits to work the core muscles

And many more!

So a simple set of push-up bars not only works the chest, shoulders and arms, but will help to develop a strong core as well. Who says you need a gym full of expensive equipment to get in a great upper body workout?


Things To Consider When Buying A Set Of Push-Up Bars

Finding a set of push-up bars to suit your needs and goals, both now and in the future, is important. The two obvious considerations should be the handle width and grip, and how well they protect your wrists. Other things you may want to consider include:


What are they made of? Generally it’s polypropylene – a tough and durable plastic, but they can also be made from metal and almost all include rubber in some way – whether that’s on the feet or actual handles themselves.

You may think that metal bars will be the most durable overall, but also consider how hard this material is and how it could impact your wrists. Plastic and rubber-coated bars help to cushion your wrists better and decrease any wrist pain you may experience. Many also come with a foam coating to provide extra cushioning and encourage better movement.


This may not be a consideration if you aren’t planning on taking your push-up bars outside of your home gym, but having a pair that are easy to transport may benefit those who travel a lot and still want to get in a good workout, or wish to take them to the gym to supplement the equipment and their workout options there. If you’re not planning on taking them with you then you may opt for a larger set, otherwise look for versions that have detachable bases or that are a slightly lighter material so they can be transported easily.

Value for money

None of us want to pay more than we need to for things, but when it comes to fitness and buying home gym equipment we want to think about our safety and also the longevity of the equipment we’re buying. You want the bars to be made well-enough to support your weight safely and you want them to last. It’s of no benefit to have to continually replace equipment as you will end up spending out more over time than you will by paying out a bit more initially and having them last you for years afterwards.

Grip – hands and floor

Take a look at the grip and make sure it’s ergonomic (it’s designed for efficiency and comfort). Bar handles that are too narrow might be uncomfortable to hold onto and won’t offer the same wrist support as slightly thicker alternatives. Also, you want to ensure there is good grip on the bottom of the handles, particularly if you’re working out on hard floors, to prevent them slipping mid-movement and causing you injury.


My Top Five Push-Up Bar Recommendations

Mirafit Mini Parallettes


The Mirafit Mini Parallettes are good for both beginner and advanced users offering a greater range of exercises to target the core as well as the chest, shoulders and triceps due to their height and so are great for calisthenic workouts. Made from coated steel, they come with padded-handle grips and non-slip, sturdy rubber feet and have a max weight limit of 150kg (330 pounds).

Product information:

  • Make: Mirafit
  • Price: £54.99 / $71.43
  • Dimensions: 37 cm x 60 cm x 36 cm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 1.5Kg (pair)
  • Special Features: Greater height off the floor allows for increased options to work the core – perfect for calisthenic workouts

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

What I like about them vs what I think could be improved:

Overall Verdict:

The build quality on the Mirafit Mini Parallettes is great, they feel sturdy and grip the floor really well. They do require some set-up, which is quick and easy enough, but it’s a shame the tools aren’t included – you’ll need an Allen key to put them together. Due to their slightly larger size they’re quite bulky and not the easiest to carry around with you, but if you’re keeping them to your home gym this won’t cause a problem. They’re also great for slightly larger individuals due to their max weight capacity of 150kg – which means they’ll continue to serve you well and support your weight as you start to pack on the muscle!

Find Out More / Buy From Amazon

Perfect Fitness V2 Push-Up Handles


These push-up handles are made from durable polypropylene and a steel ball bearing system with a wide grip handle. Because of the design the rubber-lined base covers a wide surface area and offers very little slippage. They also rotate which means you can change the angle whilst in motion and bring an extra level of difficulty to challenge your muscles further.

Product information:

  • Make: Perfect Fitness
  • Price: £14.50 / $18.84
  • Dimensions: 20.32cm x 13.20cm x 20.32cm (8 x 5.1 x 8 inches) (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 2Kg (pair)
  • Special features: The handles rotate to bring extra challenge to your workouts

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

What I like about them vs what I think could be improved:

Overall Verdict:

The Perfect Fitness V2 push-up handles are a decent choice and I like the way they rotate to bring added versatility and challenge to your workouts – so good for more intermediate to advanced strength training. The hard rubber grips felt a little uncomfortable after the first set of my workout so a softer cushioning would be beneficial. For heavier people these may feel a little flimsy due to the material they’re made from. A good set but not the most superior you can buy.

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SONGMICS Push-Up Bar Stand SPU25H


Made from chrome-plated steel, these bars come with ergonomic, high-density foam handles which absorb excess sweat and prevent your hands slipping, allowing for good alignment and comfort.

Product information:

  • Make: SONGMICS
  • Price: £11.99 / $15.58
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 17cm x 14 cm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 1Kg (pair)
  • Special Features: The handles tilt to around five degrees to minimise tension on the wrists

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

What I like about them vs what I think could be improved:

Overall Verdict

The SONGMICS are good quality and durable, especially for the price and are great for beginners to help develop strength. They are easy to set up and lightweight enough to carry around. I did find that they slipped a little on the floor when I was using them and the rounded feet made them feel a little unstable – not what you want when in the middle of your rep.

For those starting out these are very good but more experienced strength trainers may wish to opt for a different model

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Withgear Folding Push-Up Bar


These folding push up bars are made of duralumin – a hard but light alloy of aluminium which makes them lightweight. They fold up too which offers great portability meaning you can pack them in your gym or travel bag and take them with you easily and conveniently. They have an elastic band system allowing them to be assembled and dis-assembled quickly and simply. Like the Mirafit they are taller than most standard push up bars meaning you get more options to incorporate core workouts and calisthenic exercises and they can take a maximum weight of up to 300kg (660 pounds).

Product information:

  • Make: Withgear
  • Price: £34 / $45
  • Dimensions: 35 cm x 20 cm 14 x 8 inches (DxH)
  • Weight: 0.72Kg / 1.6 Ilbs (pair)
  • Special Features: Easy and quick assembly by way of elastic bands and greater height off the floor to increase range of workout options

Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10

What I like about them vs what I think could be improved:


Overall verdict:

The Withgear push-up bars ticks loads of boxes, not just for how versatile they are and the amount of extra workout options they give you, but also for their ease of set-up and the fact they’re foldable and lightweight which means they’re super-easy to pack in a bag and carry around. For me they have a slight advantage over the Mirafit due to their max weight limit of 300Kg (twice the amount of the Mirafit) and I like the fact there is a one-year warranty bringing a bit more piece of mind should something be not quite right with them. They’re slightly cheaper too. The only small negative I can pick up here is the elastic bands used to join the sections together feel a little flimsy and that they could fray and snap over time – but since they are really only a guide mechanism and not required for functionality it’s not a big deal.

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NEWEST Push-up Board


The NEWEST push-up board offers a slightly more innovative way of getting an upper body workout with a colour-coded board and movable hand grips which allow you to move the handles to change the emphasis of the push-up and target different muscle groups. This offers an easy way to target your chest, shoulders and triceps on a single board through multiple variations.

Product information:

  • Make: NEWEST
  • Price: £25.99/ $31
  • Dimensions: 37.7cm x 20.8cm x 10.4 cm (14 x 8 x 4 inches) (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 1Kg / 2.2 Ilbs
  • Special Features: The adjustable handles and range of different holes offer 12 different ways to target the upper body.

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

What I like about them vs what I think could be improved:


Overall Verdict:

I really like this progressive and innovative approach to push-ups using a simple colour-coded system. It comes with a complimentary training schedule program which has been developed by fitness coaches to offer different levels of difficulty and is great for beginners as well as more seasoned strength trainers alike. The bottom of the board has 16 non-slip stickers to prevent movement and the easy snap fit and double lock system ensures the handles are secure and firmly attached at all times so you feel confident you’re not going anywhere! The board also folds up and comes with a carry case so, despite the slightly larger size when compared to your more standard push-up bars, it’s still relatively portable. You can get 12 different workouts in here although you’ll find it difficult to perform standing push-ups, L Sits or many ab exercises due to the set-up and limited height off the ground when compared to bars such as the Mirafit or Withgear.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for ways to add more variety into your upper body workout and challenge your muscles in lots of different ways to increase muscle strength and definition then you should certainly consider adding a push-up bar to your standard push-up routine. Not only do you get the added challenge of a wider range of exercises and hit your muscles from lots of different angles, the increased range of motion a push-up bar will give will result in greater gains and help to protect your wrists by relieving some of the pressure you experience with a standard push-up. You’ll also benefit from proper form and body alignment as well helping to prevent injury.

As I mentioned earlier, find a set of push-up bars that will work for you and your goals. If you want to incorporate more core work into your routine then perhaps a set of parallette-type bars will be better. If you’re new to push-ups then maybe think of something more along the lines of a push-up board or padded handles. Whatever you choose, expect to bring increased strength to your upper body and more fun to your workout routine.

Do you use push-up bars as part of your upper body exercise, if so which products do you recommend and how do they compare to my top five above? Comment underneath and let me know!


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