The HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation Review

The HOMCOM Multi Gym WorkstationThe HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation

Product: HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation

Price: Between £339.99 – £379.99 / $458 – $512

Best place to buy: Amazon / EBay

Guarantee: 1 year

My rating: 8 out of 10

The HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation, Product Overview

Many of us are re-evaluating our gym memberships right now. For the last few months home gyms have been popping up all over towns and cities across the world and people are realising that they can get just as good a workout in at home as they can at any commercial gym with just a few basic pieces of equipment – especially if they’re creative with their thinking.

If however, you have the room and some budget, and you’re looking at an all-in-one option to save on storage space, then a multi gym could be a good solution. Many are compact, some fold up for space-saving, and all give you multiple options to enable you to work out every part of your body.

The HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation is versatile all-in-one training machine and in this review I’m going to be discussing its features, its pros and cons, and giving it my own personal rating based on my experience of using it, and some other online user reviews.

A Multi Gym is an investment, but it still doesn’t have to cost the earth

Most multi gyms come with a pretty hefty price tag, and when you look at what they offer and the benefits of owning one, you can understand why. But, if you look at it this way, a gym membership may be costing you between $30 – $60 / £25 – £50 or more a month. If we take an average of this cost and spread it over 12 months, you’re spending in the region of $540 / £415 a year. Quit the gym and start accumulating this as a saving and suddenly owning a multi gym needn’t seem all that out of reach.

But you don’t need to spend out a fortune on a really expensive multi gym to get the full benefits. I’m realistic when it comes to buying gym equipment for home – I want quality and durability but I don’t want to pay out a fortune, and this is where the HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation ticks the boxes for me.

Many of us don’t have loads of space at home and the HOMCOM is designed with this in mind. It’s therefore at the lower end of the market in terms of cost, but the quality of the build and the variety of exercise it offers matches that of most higher-priced alternatives. At between £349.99 to £379.99 / $453 to $492 on Amazon and EBay, the savings you’ll make from ditching the gym could pay for this bench within 12 months, and you might still have money left over.

I always like to look at, and include, other people’s reviews as well as my own as we don’t always have the same good or bad experiences as others – particularly when buying online and when it comes to packing and delivery and assembly etc. I was pleased to see that generally most people’s experience and rating of the product are similar to mine on both Amazon and EBay.

Overview of the HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation features

  • High and low pulley system with let bar, and dual function chest press
  • Thick padded seat and backrest
  • Protective cover around the weight plates for added safety
  • Bench press, chest press, front and back lat pulldown, pec deck, leg extension, back leg curls, and upright rows exercise functions
  • Strong tubular steel, black coated frame
  • Product dimensions: (LxWxH) 150 x 110 x 210 cm (59 x 43 x 82 inches)
  • Weight 83.7 kg (184 Ilbs)

The HOMCOM Multi Gym measurementsThe HOMCOM Multi Gym features


The Specifics

Variety of exercises

The HOMCOM Multi Gym offers a multitude of different exercises including pull/push variations for both upper and lower body and supports all the main exercises you’ll likely already be doing including bicep curls, pull downs, seated rows, squats, and tricep push-downs, among others. The dual function chest press allows you to perform the exercise at both horizontal and incline and converts into a pec dec easily with a quick release pin. For a fairly small multi gym in comparison to others, this one certainly doesn’t disappoint with features, allowing you to get in a decent and challenging all-body workout.

Load capacity

The maximum load capacity of the HOMCOM is 120kg (264 Ilbs or 18 stone) which is actually pretty decent and more than enough to support the majority of users. I’ve come across more expensive versions that support a fair bit less so I’m impressed with the max weight capacity, which is also testament to the strong tubular frame that supports it.

In terms of total weight the multi gym is pretty heavy at around 200kg (440 Ilbs) so once it’s in place you don’t really want to move it. If you have a very definite place for it however this shouldn’t be a problem and of course it does mean that the station feels incredibly sturdy when you’re using it.

Weight spread

The HOMCOM Multi Gym offers up to 40kg in resistance weight. Typically I’d expect to see anywhere between 40-55kg plus with a multi gym so this one is certainly at the lower end of the market when it comes to weight spread. This could be a limiting factor for some when it comes to certain exercises but don’t underestimate the progress that can still be made with some well-planned workouts and good form. If you like to be creative with your workouts and mix things up a little bit then this shouldn’t be too much of a limiting factor.


Often overlooked in reviews, comfort is quite high on my list as without it I find the quality of my workouts and my ability to really push to improve my PBs is affected. There’s a good amount of cushioning on the HOCOM back rest and seat which is covered in 4.5 cm of high-density upholstery. The multi-position hand grips on the chest press are nice and padded and the leg developer is covered in thick foam rollers which makes for a comfortable range of movement. Due to the sturdiness of the bench you feel well-supported too with no wobble or rattle.


When you take delivery of your home gym you really don’t want to be left spending hours scratching your head over how to assemble it all. The instructions are fairly clear but it is fairly fiddly to piece together. Generally you’re dealing with large size screws and bolts which makes the frame easier to assemble, and the tubes thread together nicely, but there’s a lot of them. A few users have also reported that upon delivery some of the tubes were broken or bent and the customer service wasn’t the best at sorting it out and sending through replacements – so something to be wary of here.

This quick, three minute video gives you an idea of the build process:


Certainly in terms of adjustability it’s easy enough to increase/decrease the weight stack with a simple metal pin system and the quick release pin on the pec deck is easy and quick to use. Likewise, adjusting the chest press arms up and down is simple enough, but will take slightly longer to release the screw, move the arm up and down and then tighten. I’ve come across more fiddly, flimsy systems however so this is really no big deal and overall it really doesn’t take much time to adjust the machine to suit your exercise so I’ve no real negatives to give here.

Should you buy it?

If you have limited space at home and a modest budget then the HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation is a good option for the majority of users. It offers a decent range of push and pull exercise options allowing you to target both upper and lower body. Offering a maximum of 40kg in weight plates, the HOMCOM offers a fairly low ceiling for serious weight trainers but, for many, will continue to challenge you as long as you are able to think creatively to maximise your workouts.

The station is fiddly to put together and judging by some people’s experience they’ve taken delivery of faulty parts either due to poor packing or substandard parts. Whilst this isn’t unheard-of (things can get damaged in transit) you do want to be able to trust the manufacturer to rectify the problem quickly and I have a slight concern with the customer service offered by MH Star.

On balance however this is a really solid multi gym option that should be considered for any small home gym, with the feedback from the majority of users being positive overall with the product and delivery.

If this review has helped you to decide whether or not a multi gym is for you, whether it’s this product or something else, then I’d also be really interested to know. I’d also love to know if you’ve had any experience of the HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation yourself, or if you know anyone that has.

And of course, if there are any other multi gyms you’d like me to review then comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out.

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