Unlock Your Glutes Review: A Simple Approach To A Stronger, Firmer Rear?

Product: Unlock Your Glutes Unlock Your Glutes Program

Price: $17.00 / £12.50 (was $50 / £36.50)

Where to buy: www.unlockmyglutes.com

Guarantee: No Questions Asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

My Rating: 9 out of 10

What Is The ‘Unlock Your Glutes’ Program?

According to certified strength and conditioning specialist Brian Klepacki, many people want firmer, rounder, stronger glutes, but very few of us know how to correctly activate and train the muscles in this area.

When I came across this program I’ll admit I was sceptical – I mean don’t get me wrong, well-developed glutes are the foundation to a strong, functional body – but do people really take butt development so seriously that they’ll develop an entire course on it?!

But, wanting to know more, and with my interest piqued, I did a bit more research into it. Due to the reasonably low price, and the promise of a 60-day money back guarantee if I wasn’t satisfied, I decided to take a punt with this and paid for a copy.

This Unlock Your Glutes review will take you through my experience of using this program and the results I saw across 30 days – the time it will take, as stated by Klepacki, to speed up the path to more ‘junk in your trunk’!

The Importance Of Glute Training

Most of us train our glutes purely for aesthetics without understanding just how important these muscles are in making our body movement more efficient, more powerful and helping to prevent injuries. Since writing this review I’ve put together another article on the benefits to building strong glutes that takes you through why developing these muscles is essential to overall physical health and preventing injury.

A coloured diagram of the gluteal muscles

The Creator – Brian Klepacki

Unlock Your Glutes Author Brian Klepacki

Brian Klepacki is a certified strength, conditioning and functional movement specialist from Florida, USA with a degree in Exercise Science. He has dedicated over 16 years to working at the cutting edge of training and exercise and claims to know what works through many years training clients using trial and error techniques – from regular gym goers through to fitness models, bodybuilders and athletes. He’s active across social media along with his company Optimax Performance, and can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube.

How Does Unlock Your Glutes Work?

According to Klepacki, there are three barriers standing in the way of developing strong, rounder glutes.

  1. The first is the ‘squat myth’ whereby people think that performing squats, lunges and deadlifts are glute exercises. While they might hit the glutes as a secondary muscle, they aren’t targeting these muscles because they’re leg exercises. To fully develop the glutes you need to target all three muscles in that area with glute specific movements.
  2. The second is doing super-long workouts. You can get an extremely effective workout for one muscle group in about 15 minutes.
  3. The third is termed as ‘sleeping glutes’. We spend so much of our day sitting we’re hurting our physical health without really realising. Our muscles need to be woken up and there’s an opposing muscle – the hip flexor – which is the key to igniting the glute muscles.

The strategy that Klepacki has developed, and tested, on his clients includes six essential techniques: GM3 techniques 1-3

GM3 techniques 4-6

These techniques, applied together, form the ‘GM3’ method. Together they tackle the barriers that stand in the way of truly unlocking your glute-building potential by waking up the gluteal muscles, releasing the inhibiting muscle group surround this area, and introducing specific glute exercises that target this area, and only this area, to build strength, muscle and burn fat. There are no squats, deadlifts or lunges involved – just movements that ‘set your rump on fire’.

The Promise60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Klepacki promises that, when you follow this approach, you will:

  • Speed up your path to more ‘junk in your trunk’ in under 30 days;
  • Very quickly add power and size to your glutes, even if you can’t access a gym;
  • Unlock the ‘sleeping giant within’ and experience a new level of athletic performance you’ve always had bottled up inside you.

This is backed up with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee where you get to try the program out in its entirety, incorporate the exercises into your workouts and go through all the material. If you’re not satisfied with the results then you can simply email the support team and they’ll refund your money back, no questions asked.

The Price

The cost of the program is actually very reasonable, even more so at the moment as there is a $33 (£24) discount meaning that you only pay $17.00 instead of the usual $50.00.

The Package

The Unlock Your Glutes Program Package

The ‘Unlock Your Glutes’ program is offered as a digital download that you have instant access to once purchased, and features the following:

  • The Unlock Your Glutes Main Manual;
  • Complete Coaching Videos;
  • A printable exercise chart;
  • Bonus content which includes ‘Strong Leg Workout’ and ‘14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan’.

The manual includes everything you need to know about glute training. It exposes the myths and details the benefits as well as talking about the science behind developing stronger glutes before detailing all the exercises you’ll be doing.

Chapters covered include:

Chapter 1: Meet Your Glutes – Learn what they’re responsible for and their importance

Chapter 2: Anatomy And Bio-Mechanics Of The Glutes – A lesson in glute anatomy

Chapter 3: The Sleeping Giant – Learn the exercises that will get those glute muscle fibres working

Chapter 4: A Healthy Front = A Healthier Back – Learn how stronger glutes can relieve back pain and improve every day movements

Chapter 5: Health Benefits Of Stronger Glutes – Learn about the health risks of having weak glutes and the benefits of strong glutes

Chapter 6: The Posterior Powerhouse – Learn how much power you can activate in your glutes and why sprinters, gymnasts and football players all heavily rely on the power of theirs

Chapter 7: Building A Stronger, Bigger Booty – The main exercises to developing a bigger, stronger, more toned rear

Chapter 8: Burn Fat And Sculpt A Rounder Booty – Learn how cardio and strength training can reduce the amount of fat in your glute area

Chapter 9: The Scientific Solution – Understand the science behind glute training

Chapter 10: Program Overview And Parameters – Everything you need to know for a successful glute workout, including nutrition, warm-ups, timing, and more.

Chapter 11: Final Thoughts About The System – Brian shares some extra thoughts about the program

Chapter 12: Workout Charts

Chapter 13: Exercise Definitions And Pictures – A quick reference exercise library

The coaching videos are instructional videos created by, and featuring, Brian himself. They’re very detailed and easy to follow and include both bodyweight exercises that you can do at home, as well as variations you can perform in the gym.

Does It Work?

Brian Klepacki demonstrates one of his glute exercisesI wasn’t entirely sure what I’d get out of this program when I purchased it – it seemed to be addressing a problem and promised a lot so I had expectations of course, but I was surprised at how effective it proved. Not only did I see results but I was pleasantly surprised with how detailed and easy to follow the manual and instruction videos were which, for me, means the moderate price of this program seems even better value for money.

So what benefits did I experience? Firstly aesthetics – probably the main reason most of us (including me) would choose to follow a glute building program. I’ve started to notice a rounder shape to my glutes and more definition. I typically carry a bit of fat around this area and that seems to be disappearing as I work my way through the program. It’s worth saying here that I combined this with a cut (reduced calories) which is obviously essential when looking to shed fat. Thankfully this program contains a whole chapter, and bonus, on fat loss to really complement your hard work.

Secondly, and perhaps more surprisingly, was the functional improvement I saw. Because I have seen an increase in mass and strength in my glutes my form when doing squats and deadlifts has improved. Like many, I used to feel some moderate pressure in my lower back when performing compound lifts on my legs, however this has decreased significantly over the last 30 days. Because of the added strength in my buttocks I’m not overcompensating for weak glutes by bringing in other muscles to do the job for them. And when it comes to cardio, I’ve noticed an improvement with my box jumps – clearing more height when jumping from the floor onto the box and not clipping my feet on the edge, which is what tended to happen in the past as I was tiring towards the end of this exercise.

There are so many exercises to choose from too, perhaps too many, and you don’t by any means need to incorporate them all into your routine. Pick the ones you can do, and can really feel working, and stick with those. The videos are clear and Klepacki is really thorough and detailed in his approach and instructions which makes this program so easy to follow. And you can really feel the exercises working too – I’ve never been able to light my glutes up as intensely as I have using this program and you know that, with every rep, they’re doing their job.

  • Short workouts: The workouts don’t take long to do, and you can easily add them into your workout routine;
  • Quick results: You get to see, and feel, the results in a relatively short time – the program actually does what it says;
  • Easy to understand: The instructional videos are clear and well explained;
  • Suitable for all: Suitable for those with access to a gym, and those without, or who just want to work out from home;
  • Good price: The price is very reasonable for what you get.

  • Too many exercises: Whilst it’s great to have a variety of exercises to choose from, I thought 36 was perhaps too many and there’s quite a bit of time commitment involved in getting to grips with each;
  • Too ‘sciency’ at times: I got a bit too bogged down in the science at times. Whilst it’s always really useful to know the physiology behind an exercise approach, I felt this could have been achieved in half the time if kept purely to the essentials.

Final Comments

I was pleasantly surprised with the Unlock your Glutes training program. It’s detailed, it’s thorough, it’s easy to follow and you can really see and feel it work. It’s also incredibly good value for money at just $17.00. In terms of whether or not it’s effective and does what it promises, it’s a no-brainer for anyone who is unhappy with their glutes and wants laser targeted exercises to transform this area, because it delivers!

Not only that but it may even help fix some postural imbalances and, in my case, have a positive impact on your overall physical health and provide added benefits to your existing strength training.

As with anything like this, it’s not really relevant for everyone – if you’re already in possession of a great butt or it’s just in need of a few extra squats at the gym to firm the area up, then it’s not really worth the money or time for you.

What are your thoughts about the program having read this Unlock Your Glutes review? Has it helped you decide whether it’s something you will benefit from, or will you continue your search for another solution? Comment underneath and let me know. Like I said, this isn’t for everyone, but it could be just the thing you’re looking for!


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